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We supply high quality Mechanical seals, Power Transmission Couplings, Valves, actuators for Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals & Power. Fasteners, fittings, Cable Cleats, Cable Trays & Electrical accessories.

Our Products cater to customer requirements in Oil & Gas, Power, Utility, Infrastructure, Building & Construction and allied industry segments.

We represent leading manufacturers from around the globe for a range of innovative engineering products for rotating equipments and electro-mechanical systems, and are constantly expanding this range.

We specialize in the selection and supply of TOTAL packages for valves, actuation and automation systems and we can offer guidance in the selection of the best equipment package to suit the application and offer the most cost-effective and competitive solutions.

Our Commitment

We are committed to provid safe, dependable, Reliable mechanical seals, valves and actuators and other electro-mechanical products and  services to our customers and to exceed in our orginational goal of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be UAE's most trusted company in the supply of mechanical seals, valves and actuators and other electro-mechanical products.


Our Aim

Our aim is to maintain and grow our service excellence in the Middle East market by providing superior mechanical seals, valves and actuators and other electro-mechanical products solutions according to each customer’s needs, Treating our staff and customers with respect , honesty , loyalty and offering customers a dedicated, personalized service.

Mechanical seals, Power Transmission Couplings for Gas, Oil, Petrochemicals & Power. Fastners, Shape fittings, Cable Cleats, Cable Trays and accessories. Valves, actuators & Electrical accessories.


our prestigious Partners

Our Partners

Aston is one of the leading manufacturers and a global supplier of a full range of superior fittings, high-quality valves, flanges and allied items in all materials and pressure ratings. This includes bespoke instrumentation products, ASME approved Fabrication of Manifold and Assemblies for various Industries such as Process,Energy, Nuclear, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Construction to meet your project specifications at competitive prices. Since its inception in 1994 , Aston has established itself as one of the leading organizations with excellent track record in supplying quality products to globally renowned end-users.


GERSAN A.Ş., a leading company in electrical industry manufactures that carry, combine and protect systems and materials conductive over the line from power plants to the sockets at houses. Manufacture in this industry started in 1980 under the name Gersan Ticaret. From 1985 onwards, it went on business under the name GERSAN A.Ş. and had an experience spanning 26 years.


Fluid Science Dynamics is an independent engineering consultancy based in Singapore, which provides turbo machinery products and services to the oil and gas industry. Fluid Science Dynamics operates a joint venture with New JCM Compressor Manufacturer, which specializes in process gas compressors and steam turbines. Fluid Science Dynamics manufactures Dry Gas Seals for process gas compressors which are manufactured and tested in the UK Plant. FSD also manufacture mechanical seals, seals support systems, high performance couplings and Turbo Gas Boosters in our various facilities including Singapore and UK.